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Miller's Summer

These are my faves from the Twenty8Twelve SS11 Collection by Sienna and Savannah Miller. I love the way its so casual, girlie and elegant all at the same time. Beautiful collection! I need to invest in at least one of these pieces. They are pieces you would see the girls themselves wear.

I think this look is simple yet amazing. Love knee high socks as you know, and obsessed with the extremely long hair. Its not fair! I want that hair!

Went for a cheeky drink with my lovely friend Fiona last night to cheer me up, went to the Royal London for a change. Love it in there. Fashion sense in there is incredible. Got some inspiration for some new looks, so was productive. My fave trendy place in Wolves. We had discussions and we may do some make-up looks soon, when we do I will share them with you.

Really want to get some of my own looks, hair and make up on here soon. Watch this space.

I have started to receive lovely comments on my blog. If you like my blog, please follow so you do not m…

Back to the 60's


Green Quotes

Had to pop into town with Mom today... went on the bus! God knows why, for a change I suppose. How stressful. Bus was fully of old, fat, smelly people, could hardly get down the middle of the bus to get off! Then I was fretting about the time as we needed to make sure we caught the bus back, as Mom lives in a rural area buses are not regular!. Nightmare!!! Won't be doing that in a while. Was good in another sense as saw some right bargains! Primark has some amazing summer dresses at the moment can't wait until I get paid :). Love all the patterns. Also found some really good solar garden lights for £1 each!!!! £1!!! Couldn't believe it! will be going back there again.

I love this green skirt, the pale blouse really compliments it. Simple yet classy! I wish my hair was this long. Simple make up tops off the whole look. Think I might dig deep into my wardrobe and see if I have a skirt this colour.

This saying is so personal for me at the moment. I have really re…

Reminising on the Present

THE VERONICAS - I had completly forgotten about them, Twin Aussie sisters Jessica and Lisa. God knows which one is which. I really like their grunge/glam style. Love the tatts as well. Sometimes I wish I could get a half sleeve but I think I would regret it. They are beautiful. The make good music as well, love their sound.

I have also been introduced to Jamie Woon by my dear friend Hayley. I think his sounds is mesmorising, what an AMAZING VOICE. Such chill out music. Need to get some of his talent onto my ipod!
I think this look is so sexy, I love loose fittin jumpers off one shoulder with skinny jeans or leggings. Black and cream as such classic colours as well. Her hair is to die for. Need to track down this jumper for sure.

Need to try and go to the gym more than once today, have not being doing well on the fitness front. Only got 26 weeks until my wedding day!!!!!! Oh dear, better get a jog on! Will be good when I can start taking Till…

Lost an hour, but gained a garden

Had my mom round today... she kindly led Dan and I in the right direction with tackling the garden..... to be honest she did most of it, she is amazing. Don't know what we would of done with out her. The back garden is looking so much better now. It has been weeded and trees/ bushes have been cut back, it looks so neat. So proud of us for doing it.... only taken us a year!!

Think I have found my wedding shoes......

I'm not one hundred percent sure if they will match my ivory dress. I will have to order them I suppose to find out. What you think?
Loving this look today: This is definitely my kinda thing. I would regularly wear this out and about. Like how effortless and comfy it looks... but it's so cool. I love the hair style as well. Will have to try that!
Found an inspirational quote I really want to share:

I think this quote is so true to life.. Sometimes we just get so caught up in d…

Modern Vs Vintage

I have got to say I am really liking a lot of Republic's new stuff at the moment. A few of my faves are below:
I think my absolute fave is the mustard peter pan collar dress and the trilby. Florals are back with attitude so some of these are perfect for this season. Think they are ace. The price is sooo reasonable as well. How similar is the coral blouse to the one I posted on my previous post from Topshop... a lot cheaper as well!! Just had to share my discovery.
Watched 'Riches to Rags' again this week. Love Lily's London apartment the roof terrace was amazing. Its my dream to live in London city I would actually cry if I ever got the opportunity. 
Over the last week I had realised my taste in interior design has completely changed... like completely changed. I used to love modern, minimalistic, clean cut edges and bright and clean colours. Now I am into the whole vintage look and Laura Ashley prints and things that don't match and carpet cushions. Don't thi…

Wednesday drinks..... Thursday bad head

Had an awesome day yesterday... Hayley and Jen dragged me out of the house to join them for a drink in a trendy beer garden. One Aspell's Cider led to four... so ended up leaving my car behind. We then randomly ended up going for a curry. Was such a random day but was amazing just to be with a couple of the girls having a giggle about girlie things. We NEED to do it more often. It's just what the doctor ordered. We need to make the most of this lovely sun we have been blessed with. Thanks girlie's .... love ya <3.

Loving this look today:
I wish my hair was long so I could do a fishtail plait... it looks amazing. Think the loose mustard blouse is a really good contrast to the shorts. Glasses and ring are brill too.

These are just a few items I am hyping at the moment from Topshop. I think I have got some saving to do.
Tilly is still growing she has had a good play in my moms garden today. She had so much fun. She has just woken up and is trying t…

Two for Tuesday

My two very good friends came over to see me today, as was feeling a bit crap. It was great just to have them round and have a catch up/ gossip. They had their wine on the go and I had my summer fruits squash... was brill. Really cheered me up. Need to do those kind of things much more often, doesn't cost anything either, apart from a tea bag and a splash of milk! Hayley, one of the two mates that came round looked wicked by the way, vintage Levi shorts with shirt tucked in with chunky knit cardie and army boots!!!!! loved it.  V jealous of the outfit.

My mom has made a movable make shift fence for the garden, so we can block part of it off so we don't loose Tilly. Works wonders. She has been out there most the day all by herself. Shes growing up so fast. Bless my mom she really looks after me.

What about the Spice babies on the way. Mel B has just announced she has a sprog on the way too. We will be growing up in another Spice generation. Happy for them all though. I …

The sun has got his hat on

How lovely has the weather been the last couple of days? Rumor has it, the sun will be with us all week. At last Spring is here.... hopefully. I need to start digging out my spring clothes I suppose. I'm sure they will be around somewhere.

I have discovered a new love>>>>>>> Jeffrey Campbell LITAS.... oh my days they are beautiful. I really want the nude ones.

I actually need a pair of them. They would go with sooo many things, and give me those extra inches I need as I'm such a midget. I will have to get saving.

My pic of the day is:
Look what shoes she has on... girl after my own hart. I adore this blouse so classy yet girly at the same time, and come on what do black skinnies not go with.

Tilly is getting bigger by the day, she can't fit underneath the coffee table any more!!! :o All the things I said about her being so good and not playing up..... scrap it... shes a nightmare. Still love h…