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Engagement parties, hangovers, in-laws and the supernatural.... a lot to fit into 2 days!

Well... where to start??

Friday night........ Went to our friend's engagement party as planned. Was such a  good night. Everyone was there, nearly everyone had drinks on the go so were merry and the girlie's had a well over due boogie. It was just so nice to have everyone together having a giggle. Been far too long. I had a slight bit too much to drink, so to speak, but hopefully didn't make a fool out of myself (they just couldn't shut me up, more than usual!) Another couple in our group, which happen to be a bezzie, were near enough forced into my house after the party and we watched TV, ate pizza, while I managed to brake one of my fave champagne flutes... not good! Was a awesome night.

Saturday did not start well.... I actually thought I was going to die, I can't remember the last time I had a hangover like that. lol. Was awful. But a couple of the girls came round while the other half was at the footy match. We had a cuppa, a gossip and watched American Idol,…

Nearly the Weekend

I have had this week off work and I am LOVING it!! I could get used to this lol. Actually, to be honest I think I will be bored by the end of next week. After two weeks off I think I will be ready for work again. (I never thought I would see myself type those words!)

Quick update of my week so far...... Monday I did absolutely nothing all day. I was in bed until 3pm playing Sims3, which I am totally addicted too! I have two games on the go at the moment. I then did a bit of housework, cooked tea then went down to the pub to celebrate a good friends getting her accountancy results back and passing, so she is now a fully qualified accountant... Witt woo!!!! Tuesday not much else, did the groceries shop and took rubbish to the tip and then chilled. Yesterday was a brilliant day, I went over to Telford to meet up with a couple of girlie's I used to work with. Hadn't seen them in months. The little ones were there too. I hadn't seen the tiniest one since she was about 10 months…

Catch Up Needed!

Been too long since I last posted.... sorry guys. Got quite a lot to catch up on get you guys up to speed! (",)

Been busy at work as colleague on hols so had to cover their role as well so busy busy busy.

Last weekend had another dose of my beloved monopoly this time at mates house and had wine and their little doggy (Vanilla) to accessorise. Had a brill night as usual. Played the Simpson's version this time... REAL MONEY... YES!!! at last!  Also took a trip to the city of Birmingham, had to get the other half some new clobber.  Had a really nice day as stopped off in cafe rouge for a drink and some olives and bread. Was so nice to get out of Wolves. So gonna be going there more often.

We didn't do valentines on the 14th Feb, due to work commitments. We had a beautiful night on Friday instead. I got SPOILT!! I got banished upstairs for the best part of an hour while he was sorting things out. When I was allowed back down stairs there were candles everywhere, table was la…

When TV met Monopoly on a Saturday Night

Had a good night last night, filled with laugh and fun :)

I watched Black Swan last night.  I have been wanting to see it for ages! Natalie Portman is beautiful and my god she can dance, what a talent.  How can she act and dance so well?  Surely she should only be able to do one or the other???  Very good film, highly recommended.  Wasn't what I was expecting though.  Had to use my brain an awful lot to stop me getting confused and I found it hard to tell what was reality and what was the characters imagination.  Over all a very good film which came with a lot of jealousy of all the beautiful and perfectly formed female members of the cast. lol.

Then I went onto watch Million Pound Drop. Why have I never given this Saturday night programme my attention before I will never know.  Amazing!  Was on he edge of my seat and screaming at the TV.

Monopoly, obviously, was to follow.  I was the first one out the game!  GUTTED!  Oh well, its the taking part that counts I suppose.  Was such …

My First Blog


First EVER blog...... not really sure what to talk about.  I'm a normal girl who works 9-5'ish and loves her mates and other half and struggles to make ends meet like the rest of them.

Thought I would create a blog to channel my energy into something other than spending money on things I don't need. lol.

I will try and blog as much as possible.

I have to mention the outfit below: (see link)

I love this look!! I have this top and think the skirt are amazing! I really need to get some loafers, they are definatley my next purchase.  This outfit is quirky and geeky but I love it!

I have not long discovered lookbook and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. :)

Will write more, just as soon as I have thought of something interesting to write.

Speak soon