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Casual Drinks

Wore this casual outfit to meet a mate for drinks last week. I ended up changing the leopard print flats to black heeled brogues. Heels to elongate the legs ;) I love chucking on this top when having a fat day, and the long sleeves help with this English weather we are having.
This is the real length of my hair. Can't wait to it to grow.
Thanks for all the lovely comments. Really happy when I read them. Might actually be getting the hang of it.
Loadsa love xx

Sunday Reflection


The Pierces

I am loving this song and the girls are gorgeous.
If you recognise it, it's from the advert for 'Pretty Little Liars'!
I love all their music.


Lucy In Disguise - Harvey Nichols Launch

How amazing do the two sisters look at their new collection launch for Harvey Nichols!!! Miss Allen you are beautiful in this gorgeous frock! I want Lily's dress, agree?

I love this girl so much, Miss Winstone Rocking out with a leather jacket and stunning dress. Love the hair too!!!! Will have to get plaiting for this look! Don't you just wish you could look this effortlessly glam?

Bip Ling - I am loving the dress but I'm not sure on that jacket though my dear. What do you think of this outfit?

I love this colour on Sophie Ellis Bextor, compliments her skin tone.

Mary Charteris stands out in a red jumpsuit.

How cute dos Chloe Moretz look?
I think Lily and Jaime shone at the launch. I love these two girls so much! Looked a very glam vintage evening. If only I could of been there, I wish! I am going to have to take a trip to Lucy in Disguise, seems amazing.
Did you see the documentary 'Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags'? I fell in love with the shop when I watched that.

Accept my Apologies with an Outfit

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of posts. Little Tilly had a nibble on the laptop charger so I was unable to charge the laptop meaning complete Internet for nil!
I wore when I went for catch up drinks with my friend Fiona. The shorts are from Primark (of course), they are my fave at the moment as so comfy. Jumper is my other half's which I stole (poor thing I keep taking all his clothes). The shoes are from Primark about 3 years ago, I think they are so cute and the heel isn't too high either. 
I have a little confession to make. I have had some beautiful comments about my hair. Guys, they are extensions. My hair is only shoulder length BOO! I am going to do a post about them soon. A before and after etc. But thank you so much for the lovely comments. I get so excited if I have an email or comment or a new follower. Is that sad??? 
Hello to the new followers as well. I have had some new twitter followers as well. I will try to tweet more and not be boring. (I can only try)…

Seeing Blue

This is what I wore on Friday to tootle about in and when we had some friends.
I felt so comfy! These are my fave shorts at the moment. I just tied my shirt in a knot at the bottom. Both the shirt and shorts are from Primark. (I told you I could be a walking advert!). Turquoise ring is the same as the previous post.
I have actually put some of the things I'm selling on my 'Shop My Suff' Page. Why not take a look?? I have also put a link to all the items I am selling on ebay, as not all of them are on here.
I have had some lovely comments and had some new followers over the last few days..... Hello, Welcome and Thank you. 
I have checked out all the blogs of the gorgeous people who have commented :)
Much Love
Samantha Blonde 

Tassels, Tassels Everywhere

I needed to pop to the shops yesterday for some essentials and just grabbed the nearest things.
The JD top I customised was there along with some leggings. This is the first time I wore this cardigan/shawl. It's from Primark was £12, but I saw it in there for £5 in the sale the other day. Its so good jut to cover up and chuck on when you are in a hurry. I spotted it on LLYMLRS blog and went out and brought it straight away.
I am loving tassels at the minute as you can tell. Tassels on the cardie and tassels on these cute little booties. I got these about 2 years ago from river island and have only ever worn them twice. I though it was time that they got their turn.
What do you think? Please excuse the lack of make up. Still haven't used the tripod as you can see. I need to learn how to pull the 'blogger' pose. Any tips?
Nearly the weekend. Yay!
Much Love

Moroccan Madness

I am loving Moroccan prints at the moment. Even though I do have a confession, I do not own anything as yet with this beautiful print. How vibrant and fun are all this pictures. I love it. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff.
Another romantic reason why I love Morocco is because my gorgeous husband to be proposed to me while we were on holiday there in September :) I suppose I will never forget this amazing country.

Well Hello JD

Went out for a couple of drinks with my good friend Fiona last night. We decided to make our way to the Royal London in town as was student night (cheaper than the pub right?). I just couldn't decide what to wear and ended up cutting up this T-shirt which was one of the other half's that I sleep in lol.
I am not overly convinced in this outfit but thought I would share it any way.
Sorry the quality of the pics aren't that good, used my phone instead of the camera, was in a rush.
What did you guys get up to yesterday? What DIY clothes have you come up with?
Love Samantha

Top Ten Beautiful Bikinis

As the guys who follow me on twitter will know I have been holiday shopping (well window shopping) over the weekend for my wedding/honeymoon which is only 17 weeks away now!
These are my fave bikinis I have come across. They aren't in any particlar order as I could not possibly choose. (Typical Libra= can't me decisions lol)

Shorts, comfty and less chance of wedgey but not good for the wite bits.

Retro! Gorge colour.

Soooo cute.

Gotta love the tassels! Good for distraction.

My absolute fave. Ruffles on top give impression of bigger boobs, which I am a lover of and the busy prit helps too.

High waisted bottoms. Good for covering those love handles, pretty print as well.

lovely bright summer colours and print. No straps is good for the white bits.

High waisted and bra-let top. Good for back boobs and love handles. Genius. Don't know if the pint does any favours though and nightmare white bits.

Girlie frills, girlie colour and girlie bow/knot.

I love this print. Want th…