Sunday Reflection



Well, I thought it was about time I started a weekly round up post to keep you all up to speed. Will have to let me know what you think!?

Haven't been up to that much to be honest this week/ bank holiday weekend. Had a chilled one with the fiance.

  • Took the little Tilly for walks, which is really relaxing and there are some beautiful places nearby which is brill.
  • I got taken to the cinema to see my first 3D film. (A bit behind the times I know) Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Really enjoyed it. Missed Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan though. But my Jack Sparrow was still where he should be. Also, been watching loads of films at home with the other half, including Clash of the Titans which I had regrettably not seen before. Brilliant.
  • We picked up our wedding rings!!!! Very exciting, feels real now. Only 15 weeks to go. I am gutted though as I think I need my resizing, as with my engagement ring it's very tight. Yet another thing to sort out!
  • Had loads of catch ups this week with girls I see often and some girls I don't see often enough. The rose wine and G&T's we going down a treat on Friday.
  • I wore these beautiful espadrille wedges for the first time. I actually have them in white and not blue as I exchanged them.
  • What about our gorgeous Fearne calling off her engagement to Jessie. I was so excited to see what she was going to wear on her wedding day and there were rumours that it was going to be a music festival type affair. But I am sure our rock chick will have the cute men lined up waiting!
Anyway, don't want to ramble on anymore. I hate to much writing on blogs but I get carried away.

Only a 4 day week.

Lots of love x


  1. sounds like a fab week! love the wedges, and that is so exciting about your first 3D movie! i need to see the fourth pirates! :)

  2. Great post, I'm dying for a pair of espadrilles! lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  3. I love those wedges, I've just bought some black leather ones. I love how only the power of summer gets me out of flats!



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