Saturday, 10 September 2016

Get the Gear: Kendall Jenner

I love Kendall Jenner's style and her mix of girlie pieces and hard rocker chick accessories and shoes. Here's how to get the above two looks.
Look one
H&M - £19.99
 Topshop - £42.00
New Look - £34.99
Boohoo - £16.00

Look two
New Look - £8.99
River Island - £40.00
River Island - £30.00

Peace and love



Thursday, 21 July 2016

This is what we came for

Having recently moved 30 miles to North Staffordshire from South Staffordshire I would have never of thought there would be so much to discover. Living in the midlands all my life I assumed I knew all there was to know. Wrong!!! We have been here a year now and I am discovering new things every weekend. Little pubs, things to do, shopping centres, restaurants, local business it is just non-stop.

The newest discovery was a little country pub called The Boar Inn in Moddershall. Absolutely stunning little pub in a tiny village overlooking a pond and small lake full of ducks and swans. Really was so relaxing and the regulars seem lovely and we were felt to feel very welcome even though we had never been there before. The pub is very well kept but still maintains it traditional county style and the flowers were beautiful. Only thing I would say is that it is cash only but if you go prepared there's no issues. I will 100% be visiting again!

A few pics from our visit

Why the welcome signs says Gibbs Mew I will never know - still cute though

The rebel ducks stopping cars from leaving the village

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Review: Penny Dreadful

My Rating - 4/5

People you may know - Eva Green, Billie Piper, Ashton Kutcher

Love this series so much. My husband and me have watched all 3 series in under 2 weeks. It has action, romance, supernatural beings e.g. werewolf, familiar characters e.g. Frankenstein, rich and poor people. It never gets boring as it has the main story that most characters are involved in, but then they all have their own stories. I would say there is only about 2 episode fillers/setting the scene episodes where I wasn't absolutely glued to the TV, but for all the other episodes I didn't even check instagram once (record!!!!!). Over all the acting is quite good, no cringe worthy performances. Definitely recommended and I can't wait for the season to kick off again.

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