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Flying the Flag

How amazing did our beautiful Duchess of Cambridge look on her big day??? Very traditional wedding dress by Alexander McQueen but I loved it non the less. It was perfect for this wedding. They look so happy and looked like they were having fun. Proud to be British today!

I thought Posh Spice looked gorgeous, who would ever known she is pregnant!!! In one of her own dresses as well, only she could pull that off and with the perfect accessory..... Becks... yummy.
I couldn't post about the royal Wedding and not mention how stunning Pippa Middleton looked. Another Alexander McQueen dress of course. I think Price Harry noticed how pretty and sexy she looked too!!! Watch this space ;)
I really do not know how the two of them looked so calm and collected on this huge historical event! But them seemed to enjoy it. Hats off to them.
Samantha xXx

Couldn't post about the Royal Wedding and not include the Queen herself. A ray of sunshine in lemon yellow on the cloudy day made me s…

Bargain Love

Look at what I found in my local charity shop!!!!! I am so excited to wear them. My favourite is the gold one. My nan used to have one just like it. For both of them it was £7!!!! Can you believe it.
I have been looking for a new silver and a gold watches for ages. I have quite a few chunky ones but wanted some old fashioned slimmer ones. I am over the moon with my finds and just had to share them with you!!!!!
What do you think? Have you had any charity shop bargain buys recently?
Thanks again for the comments.
Peace out
Samantha xXx

Tattoo Help

I am thinking about having a new tattoo when I get married. I think I want an anchor. Me and my other half have been thinking about both getting an anchor tattoo to symbolise us settling down. I got a lovely idea from a blog i follow: Anchor of Roses. In her logo she has a gorgeous pretty anchor with a rose. I have found a few ideas elsewhere as well:

I love all of the above. I only want a little tattoo though. I am thinking about having it on  my arm just beneath my elbow. I don't know though!!! Please can I have your opinions on where to have it?????  I need a helping hand in this matter.

Review - St Moriz Tanning

I have recently started using this fake tan. I love it!!! It's a mousse which I didn't find as scary as lotion as I always get in a mess with lotions, streaks galore!! I brought St Moriz from my near by cosmetics store for £3.99 just a faction of what I have paid for other tanning lotions in the past. Another reason I love this product is that I am very pale and this did not look un-natural at all, just looked like I had caught the sun, no tango here. I had NO STREAKS WHATSOEVER!!! I found this unbelievable. I think as this is a mousse and along with a tanning mit it goes on perfectly and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY!
I just want to thanks everyone who has commented, I love comments it makes me feel brilliant as I enjoy my blog so much. Just don't forget to follow ;)
Love to all
Samantha xXx

Easter Fun

I hope you are all having an amazing Easter weekend and St George's Day. I have had a pretty chilled out one. Caught up with a friend that has just got back from serving time in Afghanistan with the RAF. Was so nice to see her after 5 MONTHS!!!! So proud of her. Been taking Tilly for some lovely walks, spending time in the sunny garden and relaxing. Just want bank holiday is all about.

Actually got a groove on and gained an easel and some canvas' and even a round one thanks to a good mate. I will take a picture of the final product. Hoping it will turn out okay as it's for on my stairs.

Hairy Monday

Desperately needed a trim so managed to book myself in with the lovely Charles at Royston and Blythe again. He is brilliant, (and looks a bit like Edward Cullen). He's the one responsible for chopping all my hair off about 6 months ago. I haven't had it cut since as miss my long hair. He's amazing.... you should go take a visit!

These looks are awesome!!!!
I have been obsessed with this nail varnish this week I can't get enough of it! Love it, it's so summery and goes with so much. Brightens up my day.
Enjoy your evening, tomorrow is another day closer to the weekend!
Peace out
Samantha xXx

Rocking out on a Sunday

Rad photos and ideas.
Can never too much black!
Sorry I haven't been talking too much recently. Been enjoying a lovely chilled out weekend.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Much love
Samantha xXx
P.S. What do you think of the new blog name???????

Saturday Wishlist


Founded by..

I just got myself a pair of espadrilles exactly the same as the pair above. The picture is a pair from Office but I found mine in Primark for a bargain of £3. I am going to go back and get the black ones as well. They are so comfty like slippers. I haven't worn anything else since I got them.
Another bargain founded by Samantha.
Have fun peeps.
Samantha xXx

Tough girls, rappers and rockers

Tough girls, rappers and rockers!!!! This advert is genius!!!!! Lucozade!!!

Drop Dead Gorgeous


OMG!!! Just saw this post on lookbook...... goodness me this is one hell of an outfit!! I LOVE it!!!! When I get paid I am going to track down a pair of Levi shorts on eBay and wear them until they fall off!!! I love the jewellery and the shoes as you know are my fave. found a place you can get copies of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's click here to go to the June + Julia blog to pre-order yours. They will make them on order so you can request your heel height, colour and texture. I have emailed to enquiry about my preference, but waiting until I get paid to get spending on them. VERY good price as well.

Today my inspiration is coming from Lauren Conrad. I have just started watching 'The Hills'. God knows which series or where abouts I have started watching it, but I am nearly addicted. I love the cheesiness and the glamour. But I feel Lauren's style is a little bit more relaxed than the others and I really like that.
Have a good day
Thinking of you all
Samantha xXx

Bargain Monday

Today I went to take a couple of things back to Primark, as I never try anything on before I buy it from there, don't know why?! Any, instead of getting my well needed funds back I ended up bagging some right bargains. Top picture is a beautiful sheer blouse with some preety cotton shorts, that even have an elasticated waistband at the back (good for those summer bbq's!) and some flat espadrilles in nude. I have been after some for ages. Bottom picture is a batwing top with lace stripes. I loved it so much I bought it in BOTH colours! But with primark prices you can afford to do that. Why choose when you can have both? My best buy bargain are the espradrilles though and AMAZING cost of £3!!!!! How can you complain?

Had a busy weekend full of late nights and friends as was the other half's birthday. Had a brill time and Saturday night we relived the song Teenage Dirtbag. What an anthem! Theres a reminder of how it goes:
That's all from me today. More make-up looks com…

Make-up for Friday

 I love all the above make-up looks. I love the smokey eye look!!! I always do that when I go out!

I went for the natural look today. Went for a bite to eat for my other half's birthday. I added the liquid eyeliner to give the look a bit of attitude.

Put a few pics up so you could see the make up from different angles. Need to get a camera so I can record a step by step guide. I lost my last camera on my birthday. Gutted!

Thought I would share this with you as I have been promising make-up looks for a while.

Got the best mate, of the male's round, the chimenea on the go and wine flowing. Going to go and enjoy.

Enjoy the weekend and the lovely weather.

Lots of Love

Samantha xXx