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My favourite non-fiction reads

Since being pregnant I have really got into reading and I love a good non-fiction. I thought I would share the books I have been loving recently.

The Unmumsy Mum - Sarah Turner

As an expectant first time Mom, this was a must. I already follow her instagram and love it so much. So when a kind work colleague lent me this book I was thrilled. Oh my goodness, I was actually laughing out loud as I turned the pages!  It's so funny and a really good insight into what life as a Mom is actually like (as far as other Mom's have told me). No bells and whistles, just the truth, as it comes. Sarah is seriously hilarious. I'm trying to hold onto this book for as long as possible before I have to give it back, so I can read it again once my little one is finally here. A must read.

Happy - Fearne Cotton

I have always been a big fan of Fearne's so it was a no brainer when she published this book it was going to join my bookshelf party. This book has little interactive exercises to do …

So three are becoming four

So.....if you follow me on instagram you will know that Dan and I are indeed expecting a little one to join us in 2018. So instead of a family of three (counting our furbaby of course), we will become a family of four! Scary but exciting stuff!

Pregnancy points:
Due date - March 2018
How far through pregnancy - 25 weeks
Baby's sex - boy
Symptoms - heartburn, tiredness, bleeding gums, hair growth, sweet tooth, breathlessness, needing the loo every ten minutes
Morning sickness - None

I have been very lucky so far with my pregnancy. I am over half way through with no sickness! Trimester three may not be as lucky due to a couple of reasons, but fingers crossed my pregnancy luck continues.