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Monday Pick Me Up

I know it is payday for most of you but for me, it's another two weeks away. Sucks getting paid different to everyone else.
Sorry for lack of blogging, I'm not one to blog for the sake of it and I have been being pretty boring recently and had taken any outfit photos to post. For the people who follow me on twitter or instagram will see I do try to keep in touch.
Anyway, wanted to share some stuff I am loving at the moment. Never really been one for pastel's but they are everywhere at the moment. I am also loving rock chick tee's as well.
Topshop - £38.99
Boohoo - £18.00
River Island - £65.00
River Island - £15.00
Miss Guided - £6.99
River Island - £15.00
Miss Guided - £29.99

Loadsa Love

I get this feeling I can dream tonight

Got his little number for Xmas off my mom. Like the burnt orange I think it suits my skin tone. Gota love my converse hightops, got 2 pairs of cons now and can't wait to expand the collection.

Notice the new hair colour. This is the first stage of my new hair I want. Took a bit of getting used to as haven't been brunette in nearly 2 yrs. but thinking of the end product.

Dress - unknown
Leather jacket - new look (a couple of years ago)
Pumps - converse
Scarf - moms

Anchor me down

T-shirt - Topshop Shorts - Topshop Brogues/ Creepers - Internacionale Cardigan - Topshop Belt - hubby's - RochaJohnRocha 
Was very weird to finish work in daylight today instead of starting and finishing when it is dark. Went for coffee with my mother in law and wore this little outfit. Will probably be skanky and wear it to the local later as well, for my mate Tom's birthday.
Got this T-shirt the other day and I love it, I have a slight obsession with anchors for some unknown reason. As you can imagine I fell in love with it instantly.
The shorts were a bargain on the Topshop Sale rail in wolves. I could not believe my luck. I ordered a pair of black levi's from ebay after searching for months and they didn't fit right when they came, gutted. But these are so cute and have a scalloped cotton edge. So a little different that I like.
These shoes are lovely. They are between creepers and brogues in a black suedette material. So comfy and light. It's like wearing …

Big up for Miss Sporty!

No I'm not talking about Mel C! I am absolutely loving Miss Sporty make up at the moment. I think it is amazing value for money!

Here we have a pale nude lipstick called 'strip-tease', a deep, rich red colour with a more purple tone than others called 'dream' and 'studio lash' liquid eyeliner.

I have had the nude lippy for a while and use it all the time as it just puts a lovely shimmer on the lips. I love this one with dark eyes for a night out.

I have been looking for a red lipstick for ages but most of then have orangey tones and they don't suit my skin tone. But this deep red is perfect. The colour pigment is brilliant and it comes out a really lush colour on the lips. Only thing is, it does rub off quite easy if u are drinking from cups/glasses. But at £2.99 a lippy who's complaining. It was the perfect colour I have been searching for.

Now, this eyeliner is to die for. I normally use loreal super liner carbon gloss liquid eyeliner as it has a …