Tattoo Help

I am thinking about having a new tattoo when I get married. I think I want an anchor. Me and my other half have been thinking about both getting an anchor tattoo to symbolise us settling down. I got a lovely idea from a blog i follow: Anchor of Roses. In her logo she has a gorgeous pretty anchor with a rose. I have found a few ideas elsewhere as well:



I love all of the above. I only want a little tattoo though. I am thinking about having it on  my arm just beneath my elbow. I don't know though!!!
Please can I have your opinions on where to have it?????  I need a helping hand in this matter.


I love the above celebrity tattoos. They give me inspiration as to where to have mine. I LOVE Kate Moss' anchor on her arm.

Please give me suggestions as I only have 4 months left until I get married.!?!?!??!

Lots of love

Samantha xXx

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