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Do you just love the 60's! ...... The shift dresses, the colourful and amazing patterns, the heavy eyeliner, beehives and twiggy!!!! What an era!!! My favourite. I love the micro minis, beehives and the eyeliner the best. I often go for 60's make up when I'm going out. Liquid eyeliner is a must have. What would the modelling world done without Twiggy???? She invented mmodelling. Even Cheryl Cole and her fellow band mates went for 60's look in their video for 'The Promise'. Doesn't get mush bigger than that I suppose.

Cooperative Romper With Velvet Peter Pan Collar, Tights, Topshop My Favorite Heels, Vintage 60's Coat Dress From From My Grandma
I love this 60's look I have found on lookbook. The coat is amazing ands in my fave navy colour too! The hair is amazing. Love heavy fringes!!!!!! This looks amazing!!!

Have a good day... and think 60's <3

Samantha xXx


  1. 60's were awesome in fashion & design.

  2. The 60's are just amazing and so inspirational! Hope you visit back, I've got a giveaway going on too :)

  3. i love love love the 60s fashion! so many amazing things happened during this time! i love this post and the patterns of the 60s will NEVER be forgotten(:



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