Flying the Flag

How amazing did our beautiful Duchess of Cambridge look on her big day??? Very traditional wedding dress by Alexander McQueen but I loved it non the less. It was perfect for this wedding. They look so happy and looked like they were having fun. Proud to be British today!


I thought Posh Spice looked gorgeous, who would ever known she is pregnant!!! In one of her own dresses as well, only she could pull that off and with the perfect accessory..... Becks... yummy.

I couldn't post about the royal Wedding and not mention how stunning Pippa Middleton looked. Another Alexander McQueen dress of course. I think Price Harry noticed how pretty and sexy she looked too!!! Watch this space ;)

I really do not know how the two of them looked so calm and collected on this huge historical event! But them seemed to enjoy it. Hats off to them.


Samantha xXx

Couldn't post about the Royal Wedding and not include the Queen herself. A ray of sunshine in lemon yellow on the cloudy day made me smile. 


  1. She looked amazing! very beautiful.

    - ps. I'm not one to point out errors, but it's Alexander Mcqueen not Alexandra! Keep up the good work.

    V x

  2. Thanks hun. Has been corrected now :) x

  3. Love looking at pics of the Royal Wedding, kinda sad it's over now :( x

  4. I agree about Victoria Beckham, she looked gorgeous in that dress xx

  5. Just beautiful the whole day!

    Helen, X

  6. Beautiful pictures. Agree on Victoria..she looked gorgeous. The silhouette worked very well for her.

    heel in Mint


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