Review - St Moriz Tanning

I have recently started using this fake tan. I love it!!! It's a mousse which I didn't find as scary as lotion as I always get in a mess with lotions, streaks galore!! I brought St Moriz from my near by cosmetics store for £3.99 just a faction of what I have paid for other tanning lotions in the past. Another reason I love this product is that I am very pale and this did not look un-natural at all, just looked like I had caught the sun, no tango here. I had NO STREAKS WHATSOEVER!!! I found this unbelievable. I think as this is a mousse and along with a tanning mit it goes on perfectly and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY!

I just want to thanks everyone who has commented, I love comments it makes me feel brilliant as I enjoy my blog so much. Just don't forget to follow ;)

Love to all

Samantha xXx


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for a better self-tanner. Love your blog. Check mine out too if you have a moment!


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