Top Ten Beautiful Bikinis

As the guys who follow me on twitter will know I have been holiday shopping (well window shopping) over the weekend for my wedding/honeymoon which is only 17 weeks away now!

These are my fave bikinis I have come across. They aren't in any particlar order as I could not possibly choose. (Typical Libra= can't me decisions lol)

Cream Crochet Bikini

Shorts, comfty and less chance of wedgey but not good for the wite bits.

Yellow Floral Bandeau Bikini

Retro! Gorge colour.

Blue Doily Retro Cup Bikini

Soooo cute.

Rich Purple (Purple) Tassle Fringe Brief | 214421754 | New Look Rich Purple (Purple) Loop Bikini Top | 214415454 | New Look

Gotta love the tassels! Good for distraction.

Multicoloured Paisley Bikini

My absolute fave. Ruffles on top give impression of bigger boobs, which I am a lover of and the busy prit helps too.

High waisted bottoms. Good for covering those love handles, pretty print as well.

lovely bright summer colours and print. No straps is good for the white bits.

High waisted and bra-let top. Good for back boobs and love handles. Genius. Don't know if the pint does any favours though and nightmare white bits.

Girlie frills, girlie colour and girlie bow/knot.

I love this print. Want this print all over the place.

No holiday beach bag is complete with out some leopard print and the top is structure which is great for uplift and boost ;)

I think all these are beautiful. think my absolute fave has to be the Multicoloured Paisley Bikini one. I love the print. Then I love the crochet bikini on the first pick.

Hope this has helped in your search for beautiful bikinis and hopefully the beautiful models did not depress you as much as they have me. lol.

Have a wicked day.

Love Samantha


  1. LOVE the high-waisted multi-colored bathing suit. Such a beautiful color and it's very vintagey :) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Loving the first white one, the fringed purple one and the last leopard print one! - Def have to buy those ones! I'm too scared to try on bikinis right now! Back to the gym I go! :( xxx


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