Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tassels, Tassels Everywhere

I needed to pop to the shops yesterday for some essentials and just grabbed the nearest things.

The JD top I customised was there along with some leggings. This is the first time I wore this cardigan/shawl. It's from Primark was £12, but I saw it in there for £5 in the sale the other day. Its so good jut to cover up and chuck on when you are in a hurry. I spotted it on LLYMLRS blog and went out and brought it straight away.

I am loving tassels at the minute as you can tell. Tassels on the cardie and tassels on these cute little booties. I got these about 2 years ago from river island and have only ever worn them twice. I though it was time that they got their turn.

What do you think? Please excuse the lack of make up. Still haven't used the tripod as you can see. I need to learn how to pull the 'blogger' pose. Any tips?

Nearly the weekend. Yay!

Much Love



  1. Love the cardi! It really suits you. I might have to go have a look in Primark.

  2. No, I am looking for those tips as well!!!
    Hope someone will help us out!
    I am following you!

  3. You look lovely - gotta love tassles.

    Cute blog, I'm following :)


  4. I love tassels too, Great post! I love your blog, I’m following now via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Hope you follow back.

    xx. VLM.

  5. That's lovely! You have awesome hair btw


  6. Great style! Love the boots - they look so comfy!

  7. I love those boots! and I love tassels at the moment too, I like the bohemian vibe for Summer x


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