Engagement parties, hangovers, in-laws and the supernatural.... a lot to fit into 2 days!

Well... where to start??

Friday night........ Went to our friend's engagement party as planned. Was such a  good night. Everyone was there, nearly everyone had drinks on the go so were merry and the girlie's had a well over due boogie. It was just so nice to have everyone together having a giggle. Been far too long. I had a slight bit too much to drink, so to speak, but hopefully didn't make a fool out of myself (they just couldn't shut me up, more than usual!) Another couple in our group, which happen to be a bezzie, were near enough forced into my house after the party and we watched TV, ate pizza, while I managed to brake one of my fave champagne flutes... not good! Was a awesome night.

Saturday did not start well.... I actually thought I was going to die, I can't remember the last time I had a hangover like that. lol. Was awful. But a couple of the girls came round while the other half was at the footy match. We had a cuppa, a gossip and watched American Idol, this then sorted me out. It was then time to go out for a wonderful meal at the Cowshed restaurant in Pattingham. Was beautiful food. We went with the in-laws and one set of his grandparents, whom of which I had never met before. They were lovely people who were really warm and welcoming. Then everyone came back to ours for coffee. Was a good end to a good night.

Today, we popped out to get a few things for my mom and had a cuppa with her and my lil sis, who I actually hadn't spoken to in quite a while. Then came home and just sat on the sofa all afternoon with a beer and a curry. Couldn't be better. We just watched supernatural for hours! We love it at the moment but I do get scared. We are on season 3, only started watching it a few weeks ago. Its brilliant!!!!! I can never decide who is better looking... Sam? or Dean??? I'm thinking Sam as he has the longer hair, but as I'm the eldest in my family I can relate to Dean. I think Sam's looks with Dean's personally would be the ultimate combination. Not as good looking as my other half though I'm afraid ;)

Got a girlie day out tomorrow with one of my bezzie's. Off into Birmingham some some retail therapy and lunch. Really looking forward to it. Haven't had a girlie outing in ages!

So.......... need to go and get my beauty sleep.

Ni' Night

Much hugs and kisses




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