When TV met Monopoly on a Saturday Night

Had a good night last night, filled with laugh and fun :)

I watched Black Swan last night.  I have been wanting to see it for ages! Natalie Portman is beautiful and my god she can dance, what a talent.  How can she act and dance so well?  Surely she should only be able to do one or the other???  Very good film, highly recommended.  Wasn't what I was expecting though.  Had to use my brain an awful lot to stop me getting confused and I found it hard to tell what was reality and what was the characters imagination.  Over all a very good film which came with a lot of jealousy of all the beautiful and perfectly formed female members of the cast. lol.

Then I went onto watch Million Pound Drop. Why have I never given this Saturday night programme my attention before I will never know.  Amazing!  Was on he edge of my seat and screaming at the TV.

Monopoly, obviously, was to follow.  I was the first one out the game!  GUTTED!  Oh well, its the taking part that counts I suppose.  Was such a laugh though.  We have the then and now, world edition version which has credit cards instead of money.  This is brilliant for the novelty factor but I miss having the feeling of lots of cash sitting next to you and making you feel rich!??!?!?!  I want my pound notes back!!!

This is my fave look I have seen today. I love the skirt sooooo much.. I'm loving natural tones together paired up with black and even burgundy/red at the moment.  I haven't yet put any of my own looks up onto LookBook yet, but me and my mate have organised a LookBook session next weekend so hopefully will have some looks in a couple of weeks.

Having a lazy Sunday today, but got to dash as I must do at least a little bit of washing and ironing otherwise I will turning up at work in the morning in my 10 year old PJ's which have holes in. :)

Will post again soon




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