Catch Up Needed!

Been too long since I last posted.... sorry guys. Got quite a lot to catch up on get you guys up to speed! (",)

Been busy at work as colleague on hols so had to cover their role as well so busy busy busy.

Last weekend had another dose of my beloved monopoly this time at mates house and had wine and their little doggy (Vanilla) to accessorise. Had a brill night as usual. Played the Simpson's version this time... REAL MONEY... YES!!! at last!  Also took a trip to the city of Birmingham, had to get the other half some new clobber.  Had a really nice day as stopped off in cafe rouge for a drink and some olives and bread. Was so nice to get out of Wolves. So gonna be going there more often.

We didn't do valentines on the 14th Feb, due to work commitments. We had a beautiful night on Friday instead. I got SPOILT!! I got banished upstairs for the best part of an hour while he was sorting things out. When I was allowed back down stairs there were candles everywhere, table was laid, fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic where on there too and of course sparkling rose with raspberries in the glass! How swanky. Then the food came.... yummy... I had been given an open seafood lasagna with cockles, mussels, prawns, creme fraiche and lemon zest, with was served with a roasted broccoli. (I had never heard of it either) SOOOOOOO NICE though. Blew me away to be honest. So special and tasty.  Then we had chocolate melting pudding with pecan nuts and posh vanilla ice cream. I couldn't believe it. I'm not gonna let him get away with saying he can't cook again! lol.

Last night.... well...... we went to the first xfactor live tour at the LG arena Birmingham. I had brought them as an xmas present. When the time came round to it I was a bit like this is so last year the contestants are boring now. (Apart from Liam from One Direction as he is from Wolves and his dad works with my best mate's dad). But OMG its was really really good.  I never realised how talented most of them were. Rebbecca blew me away absolutely astonishing. Especially that dance song 'you gotta show me love' or whatever its called. Paije is so under estimated. He gave my goosebumps the second he opened this mouth. Cher wasn't as good as I hoped, Aiden still cocky, Wagner still absolute shite but One Direction really rocked the place. The energy they have is incredible. Matt of course closed the show and was just as talented as I thought. Can not believe a man can reach those notes!

Loving this look today:
Firstly, how amazing is this ladies hair??Q?!?Q!? Actually makes me wanna rip mine out lol. I love the way this is so effortless but looking stunning. loving the high waisted shorts. I need some to keep the lumps and bumps at bay. Can't believe she just got a top and cut the shoulders out and it looks that good! I need to start altering and amending my clothes.

I have been raiding my moms wardrobe recently and came away with some great finds. My fave is an amazing vintage jumper that she has told me is probably about 30 years old!!! Its cream with pale pink hearts and 'x's on. I will  have to post a pics next time :)

Manged to meet up with some of the girlie's last week. Long time no see. Haven't seen anyone this week though :( but I know have two weeks booked off work so I'm sure I can make up for it. Miss my girlie's!!!! <3

Anyway off to Birmingham again today to do a spot of shopping with the other half. Not for me again. Might try and sneak into a few shops to get the loafers I crave hehe.

Peace out

Much love




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