Nearly the Weekend

I have had this week off work and I am LOVING it!! I could get used to this lol. Actually, to be honest I think I will be bored by the end of next week. After two weeks off I think I will be ready for work again. (I never thought I would see myself type those words!)

Quick update of my week so far...... Monday I did absolutely nothing all day. I was in bed until 3pm playing Sims3, which I am totally addicted too! I have two games on the go at the moment. I then did a bit of housework, cooked tea then went down to the pub to celebrate a good friends getting her accountancy results back and passing, so she is now a fully qualified accountant... Witt woo!!!! Tuesday not much else, did the groceries shop and took rubbish to the tip and then chilled. Yesterday was a brilliant day, I went over to Telford to meet up with a couple of girlie's I used to work with. Hadn't seen them in months. The little ones were there too. I hadn't seen the tiniest one since she was about 10 months old, she's 2 in August!!! She sooo cute though. The eldest is growing up far to fast and is a proper lady now. Today I am still on the sofa in my PJ''s watching top gear with a cuppa, heaven!

Must share my bargain of the week....

I love these shoes sooo much. I really wanted some tan loafers with tassells on at first. I saw a beautiful pair in River Island, but the 4 was too small and the size 5 was too big. I HATE it when that happens, just my luck. I went into Topshop and couldn't find the ones I had seen previously either. I then went into good old Primark and hey presto there they were. No they are not tan, and no they do not have tassells. But oh my days they are adorably cute. I love them fit perfect as well. and guess what...... £10!!!!!!!! I could not believe it!!! I love them. Haven't worn them yet, I think I will tomorrow.

Loving this look today:
Its just soooo cool... the best thing is that she has raid the parents wardrobe to get the shorts, full on vintage!!! I love anything with knee high socks but find it so hard to find some as I am only 5'1" my legs are short and knee high's normally come up my whole thigh :( I normally try rolling them over at the top. no sure if that's working the look though lol.

The weekend I am really really looking forward too. Tomorrow night I have an engagement party to go to of good friends and all of our lot will be there so will be a good knees up. Triple celebration as the same couple are celebrating their engagement, a birthday and brill exam results!!! Then Saturday we are going out for a lovely meal with the in-laws and meeting his grandparents for the first time. Excited. Will be nice to finally meet them.

Off to make another cuppa (I'm turning into my mother)

Speak Soon

much love

MissB xx

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Many Thanks xxxxx


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