Lost an hour, but gained a garden

Had my mom round today... she kindly led Dan and I in the right direction with tackling the garden..... to be honest she did most of it, she is amazing. Don't know what we would of done with out her. The back garden is looking so much better now. It has been weeded and trees/ bushes have been cut back, it looks so neat. So proud of us for doing it.... only taken us a year!!

Think I have found my wedding shoes......

From Aldo... what you think?

I'm not one hundred percent sure if they will match my ivory dress. I will have to order them I suppose to find out. What you think?

Loving this look today:
This is definitely my kinda thing. I would regularly wear this out and about. Like how effortless and comfy it looks... but it's so cool. I love the hair style as well. Will have to try that!

Found an inspirational quote I really want to share:

From Google Images

I think this quote is so true to life.. Sometimes we just get so caught up in day to day, unimportant things and we forget the whole meaning of life.. Fun,enjoyment and most of all happiness. Sometimes we need to follow our hearts and not our heads. I am a very guilty of that, I think FAR TOO much, I'm always planning my next ten years ahead, to the day. I think sometimes we just need to slow down and listen to ourselves.

Getting into series 6 of Supernatural now, getting good again and Castiel is back in the picture so I am happy. Sam now has his soul back and they are back on the road. The episode I just watched (unsure of number) Sam and Dean were hunting a modern day dragon. Can't get much more exciting than that.

Google Images

Another quote I absolutely love. I am always more interested how people dress in their spare time rather than when they are going to an event. Much more interesting.

Off to sleep on this lovely light Sunday evening (as the clocks went forward)

Peace and Love



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