The sun has got his hat on

How lovely has the weather been the last couple of days? Rumor has it, the sun will be with us all week. At last Spring is here.... hopefully. I need to start digging out my spring clothes I suppose. I'm sure they will be around somewhere.

I have discovered a new love>>>>>>> Jeffrey Campbell LITAS.... oh my days they are beautiful. I really want the nude ones.

These are the beauties <3
(from Google Images)
I actually need a pair of them. They would go with sooo many things, and give me those extra inches I need as I'm such a midget. I will have to get saving.

My pic of the day is:
Look what shoes she has on... girl after my own hart. I adore this blouse so classy yet girly at the same time, and come on what do black skinnies not go with.

Tilly is getting bigger by the day, she can't fit underneath the coffee table any more!!! :o All the things I said about her being so good and not playing up..... scrap it... shes a nightmare. Still love her to bits though. Keeps trying to play and nip you all the blumin time. But then she gives you the puppy eyes and all is forgotten.

Did you watch 'OMG with Peaches Geldolf'? Cougar alert. Seriously what is attractive with some of those women??? Yes, maybe more experienced... but just imagine the downsides of experience if you get my drift. Anyway I personally don't see what the fuss is about. That cougar called Bea who was over 40 years old had slept with a 17 years old. I'm sorry but that's a bit sick if you ask me. Oh well, what ever floats your boat.

From Google Images

Also, have got my wedding dress now :) yay. love it. Not the princess kind but floaty which will be brill for the beach setting. What some shoes now. I'm thinking wedges or chunky'ish sandals. Maybe even ones with flowers on?! Not sure yet. Still looking. But can't get it taken up until I have the shoes.

Gonna have a scan of the net for wedding shoes now.

Bye xxx


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