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Had to pop into town with Mom today... went on the bus! God knows why, for a change I suppose. How stressful. Bus was fully of old, fat, smelly people, could hardly get down the middle of the bus to get off! Then I was fretting about the time as we needed to make sure we caught the bus back, as Mom lives in a rural area buses are not regular!. Nightmare!!! Won't be doing that in a while. Was good in another sense as saw some right bargains! Primark has some amazing summer dresses at the moment can't wait until I get paid :). Love all the patterns. Also found some really good solar garden lights for £1 each!!!! £1!!! Couldn't believe it! will be going back there again.

Zara Skirt, H&M Blouse, Vintage Jewellery
I love this green skirt, the pale blouse really compliments it. Simple yet classy! I wish my hair was this long. Simple make up tops off the whole look. Think I might dig deep into my wardrobe and see if I have a skirt this colour.

This saying is so personal for me at the moment. I have really realised who my true friends are who I can count on anytime of day or night, who are always there. I love them dearly.

Confidence and happiness are true beauty... I think a reminder is sometimes a good thing.

Samantha xXx


  1. nice mix of style and life inspiration :) xx

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