Hair inspiration - The Olsen Twins

I am still not happy with my hair colour or condition at the moment. I have been trying to grow it for the last 2 years and feel I am getting no where. But I must keep going with it.
I have gone from a far too yellow and very light blonde to a dark dirty blonde within the last few months and I am still not convinced. Looking back on photos from my birthday a couple of weeks ago I feel my hair colour makes me look even more pale than usual. I have been scouring the internet for inspiration and found it staring right at me.
I am slightly obsessed with the beautiful Olsen twins for many reasons. Style, height (yes they are midgets like me) , make up and most of all hair. I think I may just take in the above pictures to a salon and say 'I want this hair'.
Only thing left to do is find a nice local salon who doesn't charge the world. Mission or what?
Which Celeb has your favourite hair style and colour?


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