Miss White

Any of you that follow me on twitter will know I am always painting my nail. Normally about 3 times a week!!

Been dying to find a white nail varnish after seeing a whole selection of white and pale colour talons on LLYMLRS!! (Blogging from my mobile so unable to link Lily's blog, but I'm sure every blogger followers her, and if not, why not? Google her amazing blog now!

Anyway finally found this beauty from 17. The shade is mini skirt. Gorgeous white with a lovely glossy shimmer finish. But as I'm obsessed with anything glittery at the moment had to add my trusty glitter varnish. I got it from my local version of bodycare. It was £1.49 never heard of the make before but I love it.



  1. I bought that exact shade for using with my black skinny brush varnish to create Beetlejuice stripes! I prefer darker colours though, white ones didn't feel very polished when I was wearing it alone.

    Emily x

  2. That's an awesome idea with stripes! On its own it did look a bit weird, that's why I smothered them in glitter lol xxxxxx


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