All fired up

These are my new beauties. Not quite Jeffrey Campbell, but so close I couldn't resist. a little Xmas present from me to me.

Courtesy of Missguided at an amazing £40.99 who can complain! They are so comfy, I haven't taken them off my feet.

I know JF Litas have been around for ages and I am a bit late getting on the band wagon but I have wanted some for ages and these copies are perfect.

Will do an outfit post soon and show u them in all their glory.

Oh yeah, excuse the union jack duvet; funky Xmas present from my mom, do love it though.

Hope you all had a brilliant Xmas and have loads a of exciting plans for NYE.

Lots of love



  1. They are awesome, and look so much like JC's - i would never be able to tell the difference. Good find! :) x

    1. Hey are so comfy too. Xxx thanks for the comment xxx


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