A leopard never changes it's spots

Boots - New Look £19.99
Owl Earrings - Ebay £0.99
Satchel - H&M £14.99
 Blouse - New Look (old)

Hey!!! How are you guys? Sorry for my absence. Have been quite busy with a few little things. You know.... like getting MARRIED!!!! Yes, I am now a Mrs :) Had such an amazing time was beautiful over in Mauritius and the day was perfect. Been busy with getting back into work and routines! Officially hate Mondays yet again.

This is just an outfit I wore the other night to go for lunch with the hubby for my birthday. Love these boots so much. I am a massive fan of leopard print at the best of times and these are just lush! You have also gotta love a bit of red. This is my all time favourite combo..... black, leopard print and red.



  1. OMG, Congratulations on getting married! You should definitely do a post on that :) I love leopard print too, and you look great in these pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena



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