Bank Holiday Love

Loving bank holiday!!! An extra lie in.. what's not to love???

1.What do you think of these nails?? I am trialling them for my wedding, as I will be away for 9 days before we get married so acrylic would not be any good as I am way to heavy handed. These were just £1.99 from home bargains, some little stick on ones! Took 5 minutes to do and dried almost instantly. I think they look alright to be honest.

2. Experimenting with a new app I have downloaded on my trustworthy iPhone called 'Pixlromatic'. Anouska tweeted about it and just had to download it after seeing her pics using it! So many wicked effects.

3. Lovely ham bagels for breakfast (only on bank hols) LUSH!!

4. You have to meet Harvey.... my new nephew!!! How cute is he seriously!!! Just want to munch him.

5. Me and the Tillpop had a chilled girls night in which was much needed. Watched Sex and the City movie.

6. Love these brogues so much. Good old Primarni! BARGAIN at £8 in the sale. (yes even Primark have a sale).

I have already watched Avatar for the first time this morning (why have I not seen it before) and now me and Dan are watching Meet the Little Fockers (hilarious) with a tinnie. Awesomeness!

Enjoy what's left of the Bank Holiday.



  1. Love these pics!
    The shoes are lovely!

  2. sounds like you enjoyed your holiday! great images!



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