This Week's Nail Obsession

I have been changing my nail varnish nearly everyday this week, I don't know whats got into me! Start of the week I went for the hot pink and gold glitter nails that fade into each other. I thought these nails were quite fun but didn't go with all of my clothes. I then picked up this beautiful mint green polish. How beautiful and delicate is it?!?!?!??! I love it. The quality of the nail varnish itself isn't that good though... boo!!!! Started chipping in a day or so its from collection 2000, was only £1.79 for a small bottle. I got the coral one as well as my trusted Barry M one is running low. Starting to regret going for the cheaper option now. I have decided to go au naturel for a while to give my poor nails a break. The only problem.... I bite my nails when they have no pretty colours on!

I had an awesome weekend, didn't do anything special but saw friends, had drinks, had many laughs and spent quality time with the other half. Fun times, just what I needed to recover from being ill.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.

Much Love



  1. Your nails are gorgeous! I really, really love the hot pink and gold nails, what nail polish did you use for the gold? It's exactly what I'm looking for!
    Also love the mint - really pretty for spring and summer. It reminds me, I need to get me some new shades for this season!

    x Michelle |

  2. Love those shades and your nails too...M following you ..follow me

  3. 2 gorgeous nail art!the first is more strange,the second is a bit romantic :)

  4. The gold is a the make 'W7'. It's a cheap make and I got it from an independant cosmetics shop the nail varnish only cost £1. It stays on VERY well though, well it's hard to get off. lol. :) x


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