Pretty Turquoise

I have got an addiction to turquoise at the moment. Especially jewellery!!!
Just think it's such a pretty colour, and suits most people.

My new turquoise ring!!! I love it.... so beautiful!!!!
I got it from a lovely blog shop by Lilly Melrose. It was dispatched very quickly and a bargain at only £4!! Another brilliant thing is that the ring is adjustable so will fit everyone, clever huh? I have been following her blog for a while now and goodness me she has style. I could only dream to become the blogger she is. You all must check it out!!

Still have my camera in it's box as been having a chilled weekend with the other half and beautiful Tilly, and think I'm coming down with something yet again.

Speak soon

Much Love



  1. that ring is so pretty! i love turquoise as well--its a great color!

  2. Im a sucker for turquoise jewelry...especially navajo inspired pieces. Cute ring too :)


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