The Bargain Buyer of the Day goes to......

Managed to pick some some bargains recently. I got a lovely over sized cardigan/shawl from Primark for just £12, I just love the tassels!!! Also picked up the maxi dress for just £15 at a local shop called Ellie Louise, I can't wait to add some turquoise and vintage jewellery to it and a chunky cardi!!! I love the tribal print on he bottom of it.

These beautiful skinny belts were £2 from Primark for all 3!!!!! The brown one even has little gold studs on it further along.

How nice are these Victorian style boots, £3.99 from PDSA charity shop!!! They are a size too big but loved them that much I will wear them anyway. I am thinking of wearing them with socks... what do you think?

This has to be my fave bargain of the moment. Gorgeous necklace and the charms are: 2 leaves one big one smaller, 2 coins, an owl, turquoise bead and feather!!! Perfect and at only £2 from Primark!!!

I am on a bargain roll at the minute. But the shopping has to stop as I have a wedding, honeymoon and hen do to save for!!!!

I had to show you this picture of my baby girl Tilly. Hasn't she grown!!!! Love her so much, the little monster.

Nearly half way through the week!!!!

Hope you all haven't been working too hard.

Hello to the new followers and thank you for the comments, I love to know you guys are enjoying my ramblings.

Lots of Love



  1. Ah the boots are great, what a lovely find

  2. am loving primarni at the moment. love that tassled shrug especially, good choice :).

    Helen, X


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