Top of the Shops

Orange Dip Dye Maxi Hem Dress Polka Dot Dress Wal G** Blush Tuck Shift Dress Cream Crochet Swing Dress  Red Spotted Scallop Collar Dress LIMITED EDITION Stud Scatter Tail Dress** Amanda Dress by Annie Greenabelle** Daisy Flower Applique Dress Sheer Polka Dress by Wal G** Ellie Sleeveless Dress by Love** Riley Dress by Motel** Serena Dress by Goldie**
Can you believe that ALL these dresses are from Topshop!!! All of them. Aren't they gorgeous, I want them all!! My fave has got to be second row middle and far right. Beautiful.

I hope you are all OK and had a wonderful weekend. My lovely friends have been checking in on me today. Love them all, they are so good to me. Tilly has been playing up all day, just wouldn't listen to me, then Auntie Hayley comes round and she falls to sleep on her, TYPICAL!!!! As soon as Hayley went she started again. What can you do ay?

I am totally hooked on lookbook if you hadn't already noticed. Still no pics, sorry guys. Want to trim up first, even though I say that to myself every morning it doesn't ever seem to kick start. oopppsssss...
lookbook pic of the day:

This is so cute. The hat is so lady like and the wedges are beautiful. This look sums up summer completely. This one of my fave looks ever! This lady is so stunning and has an amazing blog to that I follow you should check it out!!!!!!

 Select SPF 15 FoundationI feel like screaming!!!!!!!!! My MAC foundation is running out I use this one:   
I never tried MAC cosmetics before this foundation always though it was over priced and my maybeline was fine. I think went to the counter ans though sod it lets give it a go, everyone always goes on about MAC. O.M.G. The best foundation I have ever used. Last all day... well most the day. Yes, it's quite pricey but I got this little bottle before Christmas and it is only just running out. Over 4 months!!!!!!!! AMAZING VALUE!!! It's goes on smoothly and not streaky if using a brush and the coverage is really good. I couldn't imagine using anything else now. I always use MAC prep + prime skin and MAC select sheer/ loose powder to make sure the foundation lasts as long as possible. You should definitely invest in the MAC range!

Lastly, I have to share this piece of utter fabulous with you. I saw it on old Live at the Apollo the other night. I don't know how she gets away with the things she says, but my god she mad me laugh. Haven't laughed that much in ages. They are the kind of things people are always thinking but never say, and the things you feel guilty for laughing at. I think she is such a good comedy legend especially being American with a different sense of humor. Brilliant!!!!

Sorry for long post, got carried away.

Night night lovelies

Lots of Love

Samantha xXx


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