Mummy's Dreams

Happy Mother's day to all the yummy mummy's!!! You all deserve medals. Where would we be without our mom's shoulder to cry on, house to run back to, mouth to lecture you with, years of experience and life knowledge? I know I wouldn't survive without my Mom.

Sunday's are the perfect day for thinking and reflecting. Today my thoughts have been channelled into thoughts of following dreams, what my dreams are and are they achieveable. All dreams can be achieved.... even Lady Gaga was a normal kid once. If these pop stars and celebrities can do then why can't we???? I would follow mine, but there's one clitch.. I don't know what my dreams are. I don't really have anything I desperately want to do, will have to start dreaming.


Such a cool look, perfect for all the up and coming festivals!! The hat is so cute and the knee high socks again which we all know I love. Thumbs up.

What festivals are you all going to? I should hopefully be going to V festival at Weston Park thanks to my good friend Miss Hayley will be so much fun and I really love the line up this year, need to get a straw trilby in preparation.... found the perfect one:

Straw Corsage Trilby
Good old Topshop
Going to go and have my Sunday dinner which includes NO vegetables whatsoever.

Peace out

Samantha xXx


  1. Yes we are!!! lovely post again dahling! defo time to start dreaming <3


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