What the hell?

O.M.G!!!!!! Seriously!!!! Just finished Series 5 of Supernatural. So... Sam says yes to Lucifer and then eventually manages to trap him inside his head. After killing Bobby and Castiel (Sad face for Castiel). While beating the seven bells out of Dean he sees his toy soldier in the car and has flash backs and takes over Lucifer, then falls into the cage that has kept him at bay for centuries. Brilliant!!! Armageddon is cancelled, everything goes back to normal, apart from Dean being a bit upset his bro is six feet down under. But other than that pretty normal. Dean keeps his promise of going to Lisa and being a family. Then the very last ten seconds of the last episode, they show Sam standing outside Dean and Lisa's house looking upon them with the street lamp above his flashing (which indicates demons)!!! What is all that about? So need to get series 6 on the go. It's on the download but not done yet :( boo!!! Well at least I know it's on the way.

My three faves from my fave programme! <3 http://www.fanpop.com/spots/supernatural/images/6621813/title/supernatural-photo

I am completely obsessed with getting a puppy at the moment. Finally talked the other half around. So hopefully when we have found one we will become doggies parents :). Not set in stone, but hopefully. I have always had a dog in my home since I can remember and always missed having a dog around when I moved so I am UBER excited!!!! I think I want a chihuahua cross jack russell. I think just trying to find one.

How Cute!!!! So want one!
 From google images

Loving this look this evening:
I need that dress. I have a small OCD with leopard print at the moment. I love it and the simple shape of the dress is to die for. I also love natural red/auburn hair as well. Sometimes which I inherited that from my Dad. But I got fair hair instead. But I love the hair and dress together. :)

Have you seen the new girl band 'Parade'. I love there style, trendy, quirky, grunge and glam put in a pot and mixed all together and you would have their style. I love it. Their sound is a bit cheesy but I find it catchy. My little guilty pleasure at the moment. You will have to check them out.

Off to get my ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz's now

Nyt nyt


MissB xxx


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