Tonight's gona be a good night, tonight's gona be a good good night, oooo oooo

Looking forward to a night in with the male this evening. Think we will carry on with watching supernatural. I love it. It's all getting exciting now as the apocalypse is coming!

We also have the groceries being delivered tonight. Online food shopping rocks. Don't you just love food shopping day, when all the goodies get put in the shelves and your spoilt for choice!!! I can't wait.

Hopefully gona get down the later. Got 28 and 3 days till the big day so better get a jog on. Changed my mind again regarding wedding dress. Don't want a princess 1 now. What a flowing one! Will upload some examples later, just that I'm blogging from the BB at the min for the first time (check me out).

Off for ANOTHER cuppa.

Speak later

MissB xxx
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