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Today the terrible news about the Japan earthquake and tsunami that follow hit the country. It left everybody stunned!!! A massive 8.9 magnitude!! The world is falling apart.... maybe the myths about the year 2012 are coming true? What do you think?? My thoughts go out to everyone in Japan.

Also today in the news... squatters in the Gaddafi's family £10m mansion near London. I tell you what.. they have got style. Don't pay taxes or bills and end up living the lap of luxury. If only I knew how they did it!! The pictures are hilarious with the coppers talking to them through a closed window. How funny. Just imagine the money they have spent on security and squatters manage to get in! Poor Gaddafi's.
A link to article I read in the Daily Star, with the picture.

Jordan starts divorce proceeds today.... what a surprise. It's like a soap storyline that has been dragged out too long. Does anyone actually care. They have been separated for how long now. I actually used to be one of her biggest fans. But then she started irritating me. Just couldn't get away from here. It's a joke. All this about her and Peter Andre still. It's being going on for sooooo long. I used to follow her on twitter but it got to a stage when the only thing she would tweet would be moaning about the press writing lies about her. Come on love if you didn't make such a fuss they wouldn't bother you, and if you crave the press then stop moaning.

OMG... can not believe Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have split!! One of the coolest couples ever.. At least they split on good terms.

From Google Images - The beautiful ex couple! :(

I can not believe how many celebs are preggers at the moment. Must be something in the water. I am currently watching celebrity juice from last night (the 'up the duff' show) Holly, Mylene and my fave Emma look stunning and glowing. Go girls. I am so glad Emma got engaged. Been waiting for Jade to pop the question for years... about time!!!

Just had to share these few things that were going round my mind.


MissB xxx


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