Been a while....

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Had my hands full.

O.M.G!!!!! I got a little puppy!!! Isn't she beautiful. We have called her Tilly. She's the best thing since I learned to drive. She so playful but does lots of sleeping. She doesn't eat the house up either. So lucky to have found her. She had her first jab on wednesday. Didn't even hear a peep. Soooo good. I love her so much.

My little Tilly <3
Started watching series 6 of supernatural. What a load of crap! Its as though the budget has been cut. The writer only wanted to do the 5 seasons and that shows. Not too fussed about it anymore to be honest.

Did any1 watch lily allen, riches to rags? Love the fact she's so down to earth and doesn't really want fame and wants to settle down. she was a bit naïve though when it came to pricing the stock in her shop. She has just been so lucky as to not have to look at labels when she wants to buy things... Unlike the rest of us! I still think she's great though!

Can't believe Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave have been on air for 50 hours and 35 mins at this point and raised over £1.8million for comic relief.... UNBELIEVABLE!!! Go lads! Do love a bit of moylesy.

LOVE this look:
This jumper is amazing!!! love the way she is wearing it as a one shoulder. and the boots are too cool! I need to invest in some new boots I think. With the little socks and sunnies!!! Masterpiece!

Anyway better go and play with little Tilly.


MissB xXx

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