Back to life... Back to reality.....

First day back at work today!!! BOO!!! This morning was a disaster.... forgot my password to get onto my computer at work (well, I did have two weeks off) which took an hour to get a reset, dropped a load of money everywhere and got all the coins stuck down the side of a draw, had back to back appointments all day until 4.30pm, had to get my head around all the new products that had been introduced since I was last there, then to top it off I had about 45 unread emails most of which were to do with products and company performance so took forever to read. Actually I didn't end up reading all my emails properly, as I was loosing the will to live! But to be fair the day did fly by.

I have not long come back from my first trip to the gym, for the first time in two weeks as well. O.M.G. It KILLED me!!! I didn't get booked into the spinning class because it was full, thank god!!! I need to get my fitness back I think. I have actually not had a glass of wine, or a beer this evening which is a very big step forward!! hehe. 

O ye, I haven't told you about my travels last week yet. (sorry for the neglect) Worthing was brilliant. Stayed with the in-laws, well the Male's grandparents. They were absolutely lovely, very welcoming and really looked after us. Went on the train into London and visited the Imperial War Museum. Sounds geeky but it was fascinating. So interesting. Even saw Beharry's Victoria Cross!! (for anyone who is unsure who he is, he is the guy that was on dancing on ice this series who got shot in the head while fighting in the army) He has also got a huge tattoo of his Victoria Cross on his back which there is a photo of.
After that they took us to the Victory Services Club for a drink and an amazing dinner. It is such a classy place and very sophisticated. If only I had been dressed for it. They didn't warn us it was that posh lol. Oh well, still had a lovely time and food was amazing.

On Saturday, the girls and I went to the NEC wedding Fayre. Ten of us in total, my little entourage. I tried on dresses for the first time. Felt like a princess. I think I have found the style I want just need to find the perfect dress. Not long now, only six months! AARRRGGHHHH... need to start seriously looking at purchasing something.

Something similar to this... by the way.... this isn't me. (I wish!!)

Today I'm loving:
This is the ultimate lounge wear. Bugger it even going out wear!!! I LOVE it. The Knee high socks are so cute and the over sized jumper is sexy and makes her look so cosy. Loving the shoes and hat that bring it right into the vintage zone!! Amazing. I need to get me one of those jumpers!!!

Finished watching series four of Supernatural. I can't believe Sam has been drinking demon blood and that Lucifer is out of hell and walking and talking after possessing a human!!! We are downloading series 5 now so will let you know how that goes. I now hate Ruby and love Castiel!!! I can never make my mind up.

Right I'm off to make a brew.

Ciao for now


MissB xxx


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